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Interactive musical workshops

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We all love music, but only a few of us get to make it.

Why is that? We all have the basic abilities to make make music, we are all born and raised singers and drummers! Don't believe it? That’s where we come in.

YALLA MOOZIKA  introduces Arab and Jewish youth to the beautiful world of collective music making. Through music we give both sides a chance to express themselves, to see and connect to the other.

During the hour long workshop, we will practice together all the elements that create music: Rhythm, melody, harmony, silence, noise and expression.

The workshop is fully interactive, and at the end of it we get:

•   A practical understanding of the basic elements of music.

•   A wonderful feeling of discovery and accomplishment with our new found abilities.

•   A feeling of self expression, and of collective expression too!

•   A stronger connection with the other person in front of us.

•   A huge smile on our face :)

The workshop is run by two artists from two worlds, similar and different


Arnon Naor

Singer, songwriter, and producer. He has released two albums of his music with the name Sun Tailor and performs with his songs around the world. He was born in Kfar Saba, raised in London, and since 2012 he lives and creates in Jaffa.

Luna Abu Nassar

 Singer, songwriter and musical educator. in the past seven years she has taught music to Arab and Jewish children, was a part of the mixed ensemble System Ali, and has released two albums of her own music. Originally from Nazareth, she now lives in Tel Aviv.


For more details on the workshop please contact

    Arnon Naor  


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